Nat & Marie S2: E22: The Hot 5

The hottest ish we found on the web this week! 

1. Build a Better NERF gun – Toys R us Nerf guns not cuttin it for ya? Make your own hot shot! 

2. Panasonic Ultra Slim Waterproof phone – Panasonic’s first phone to debut outside Japan since 2005…should be cool! 

3. Hasbro Lazer Tag – This is so sick…Lazer Tag at Home with your iPhone! Up to 24 people can play at once!

4. Magnetic Earrings - Pinterest Friendly, change up your earrings every time you wear em!

5. Stereo Skifcha – Our two favourite things Dubstep and Cats! Also in 3D

So that’s what we loved online last week. Watch the show this wednesday at 9pm on to see what we loved this week!